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I have problems navigating the website/reading articles/printing articles. What can I do?

Because a newer implementation of HTML, XHTML 1.0, was used for the design of languageatinternet.org, the site may not render correctly in older browsers. We recommend using an XHTML-compliant web browser such as Mozilla Firefox. If you have problems with reading or printing articles, please download the PDF version.

How can I subscribe?

Because Language@Internet is published exclusively online, it is not possible to subscribe to the journal directly. Click here if you would like to be informed as soon as new articles are published.

How do I submit an article?

We take submissions via email at langint at indiana dot edu (where the spaces in the address should be removed and the words 'at' and 'dot' replaced by @ and ., respectively).

Is there a fee to publish in Language@Internet?

There is no fee to publish in the journal. If your article is accepted for publication, it will be made freely available online.

If I submit an article to Language@Internet, may I simultaneously publish it elsewhere?

No. We ask you to follow the standard academic practice of not submitting an article to several publication venues at a time. However, copyright remains with you after publication.

How do I cite articles?

When citing articles published in Language@Internet, we recommend the following format:

Georgakopoulou, A. (2004). To tell or not to tell? Email stories between on- and offline interactions. Language@Internet, 1, article 1. http://www.languageatinternet.org/articles/2004/36/.

Please note that articles in Language@Internet are numbered consecutively within each volume (one year equals one volume). Also, the XML files for the articles do not give page numbers. If you wish to indicate page numbers, please use the corresponding pdf files.

May I link to articles?

Since Language@Internet is open access, anyone may link to articles. However, we ask that you indicate clearly that the article you are linking to is published by Language@Internet.

What is a URN?

URNs (Uniform Resource Names) are standardized references to digital sources. URNs are assigned to scientific publications, online journals, and other sources by the Deutsche Bibliothek. Each article in Language@Internet has a URN that appears below the author's affiliation.

For more information (in German) about URNs, go to: http://www.persistent-identifier.de/aktivitaeten/URN-Implementation.php.