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Submission Guidelines

LANGUAGE@INTERNET invites original, hitherto unpublished high-quality manuscripts that deal with language mediated by digital technologies and its interaction with various micro- and macro-societal domains. Linguistic concerns, including sociolinguistic, discourse analytic, and pragmatic perspectives are at the center of interest, but language-focused studies from other disciplinary perspectives are also welcome. Manuscripts may be submitted at any time. Accepted and finalized articles are published individually when they are ready, rather than grouped together in issues. There is no fee to publish in LANGUAGE@INTERNET.

Manuscripts should be 7,000 to 10,000 words in length, all parts included. A manuscript should be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) file to langint at indiana dot edu. The double blind peer reviewing process requires anonymous manuscripts. Please remove any information in the manuscript that could reveal your identity, including self-citations that point to the author(s). These should be cited as Author ([year]) in the body text, and listed as Author ([year]) only, alphabetized under 'A', in the References at the end of the manuscript. In the cover email, authors should provide their name, address, title of the paper, and a short abstract (no more than 200 words). Authors are expected to follow the standard academic practice of not submitting an article to several journals at the same time. The language of publication is English.

We recommend keeping the formatting of your submission as simple as possible; see the Author Style Guide for stylistic and formatting details. Citations and references should follow APA style (American Psychological Association, 7th edition). Special characters should be expressed in Arial Unicode MS. Please attach any figures as separate .jpg or .gif files and also include them in the manuscript, in the position you would like to see them appear.

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission as soon as it reaches us. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment within 10 days, please re-send your submission. We aim to notify you of our decision within three months, although in most cases, it will be sooner.

Special issues: LANGUAGE@INTERNET also invites special issues on selected topics. Potential guest editors should contact the Editor.

Email address for correspondence: langint at indiana dot edu (where the spaces in the address should be removed and the words 'at' and 'dot' replaced by @ and ., respectively).